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Your FLSK Team.

Diverse, and yet the same.

Behind every good idea stands a team, that lives for it with excitement. Find out about the minds behind FLSK here.

FLSK Team Quentin
FLSK Team Patrick
FLSK Team Amelie
FLSK Team Quentin
FLSK Team Patrick 2


Quentin has gained a lot of experience in the business world since a young age. After apprenticeships, university degrees and working oversees, Quentin had the idea to found FLSK. His experience working for a stainless-steel bottle manufacturer definitely helped this undertaking. True to the motto “if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward”, Quentin is the driving force of FLSK, having is sights set on building a lasting business.

What I’m good at: Staying on course during a storm.
Typical me: Salt with a little meal on the side.
In my next life I’ll become: a farmer

FLSK Team Patrick 2


A native of Switzerland, Patrick has studied Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Boston (BA) and Munich (MA). He knows the start-up world, FLSK being his third venture. Officially, Patrick oversees creating functioning operational structures as well as media partnerships. Unofficially, he is the expert for previously unsolvable problems and complicated client requests. He lives through his motto “nothing is impossible!” and makes sure that clients as well as colleagues are always happy.

What I’m good at: Selling FLSKs to people who accidentally dialed the wrong number
Typical me: colourful socks, colourful underwear – the only way I go to work
In my next life I’ll become: professional Porsche-racecar driver

FLSK Team Amelie 2


As head of the marketing and sales team, Amelie only has one goal. The rebellion against stale, heavy and boring insulating bottles and leaking plastic drinking bottles. She learnt her trade at the beautiful University of Freiburg and while working at start-up in the food delivery sector. She is a true Bavarian through and through, and has become an invaluable member of the FLSK team.

What I’m good at: gritting my teeth and carrying on
Typical me: Is there beer already, or should a make myself another coffee?
In my next life I’ll be something like Pippi Longstrocking

FLSK Team Thomas 2


After working in the nursing sector, Thomas decided to change profession to go to an e-commerce company. After learning the trade for a couple of years, he decided to join FLSK as head of customer support and logistics in 2017. What connects nursing and e-commerce, you ask? The love of people and making it one’s goal to help them in any way possible.

What I’m good at: improvising and handicrafting myself through the day
Typical me: Without coffee? Without me!
In my next life I’ll become: Movie director

FLSK Team Cindy
FLSK Team Simon
FLSK Team Susann
FLSK Team Waldemar
FLSK Team Cindy 2


Cindy just finished studying business economics and was looking for a job where she could also live her creativity. This is the right mindset for the FLSK marketing and graphic design team, in which she fits perfectly thanks to an additional training in media design. In her private life she loves DIY-projects and all things beautiful.

What I’m good at: Writing shopping lists. 
Typical me: Never without painted fingernails. 
In my next life I'll become: a fashion designer.

FLSK Team Simon 2


Free-thinking Simon is our secret weapon for creativity and nonchalance. In seconds he can create amazing worlds with stress-free zones while always having a funny thing to add. With this unique talent he brings any idea to paper. It is Simon who gives breathes life into ideas, who combines function with design and who visualizes visions.

What I’m good at: Dringen soda
Typical me: Always in a good mood.
In my next life I’ll become: a drummer

FLSK Team Sabine 2


If things need to be done, Susann uses her hand on approach - in the office as well as with DIY-projects at home. With 20 years of experience as an executive assistant, she helped build two start-ups. She knows how to get things done! Privately, Susann enjoys family life with husband, daughter and a cute, black dog.

What I’m good at: Working with numbers.
Typical me: Always on tour.
In my next life I’ll become: a globetrotter.

FLSK Team Waldemar 2


There is one thing Waldemar never forgets: Everyday could be your last day! That’s why it’s so important to him to spend every day as meaningful as possible. That’s also reflected in his career: After school and his military service he trained to be a industrial management assistant, after which he studied part-time. In his 19 years of working in the automotive supply industry, he perfected his knowledge of supply chains. Waldemar completes the FLSK-Team perfectly with his controlling know-how.

What I’m good at: Understanding everything holistically.
Typical me: There are only challenges, no problems.
In my next life I’ll become: a Staffordshire Bullterrier.

FLSK Team Michi
FLSK Team Sabine
FLSK Team Hanny
FLSK Team Christine
FLSK Team Michi 2


Michi studies economics and management in the last semester and is part of the FLSK-Family since November. He supports our sales team by managing our Key Accounts and tests the quality of our bottles. When he is not in the office you will probably find him at one of our trade fair stands. In his free time, he manages his work-life balance through his love of sport, which of course he can perfectly combine with his FLSK.

What I’m good at: Taking different perspectives.
Typical me: Gin Tonic in my BLCK 500 ml.
In my next life I'll become: a soccer pro with „Löwen“ :)

FLSK Team Sabine 2


At a trade fair, Sabine started a conversation with Quentin. It was not long before she was captivated by FLSK! With her trade fair experience, she truly knows every detail about the business – as organizer, as exhibitor, or as attendee. Minutely planned out days, contorted exhibition halls and small talk are her strong suits. Sabine set her experience to work and tirelessly improved FLSKs presentation on trade fairs and other events.

What I’m good at: Organising
Typical me: Checklists and Commands
In my next life I’ll become: a farmer in New Zealand

FLSK Team Hanny 2


„Hanny“ has gained a lot of experiences over the last years working in stationary retailing as well as in e-commerce. As Head of Internal Sales he ensures a smooth information flow between power sellers, retailers and our office. If he’s not in the office he is probably somewhere on tour with his band.

What I’m good at: Staying cool in stressful situations.
Typical me: „Hold my beer, I can do this!“
In my next life I want to have just as much fun as in this one.

FLSK Team Christine 2


Together with the marketing team Christine makes more and more people discover and love the FLSK every day. She has come to beautiful Munich from Northern Germany for her studies in linguistics and has gained first startup and e-commerce experience along the way. After starting her career in the publishing industry she is now looking forward to a short commute and new challenges. Whether reading on the balcony or traveling to Norway – she always takes a MDNGHT with hot coffee with her.

What I’m good at: online shopping.
Typical me: Without coffee, without me. 
In my next life: I’ll run a marathon. For real!

FLSK Team Severin
FLSK Team Ulvi
FLSK Team Severin 2


Severin is a real FLSK fan. Looking for a job besides his studies of Geography he rediscovered the company and joined the fLKS Team in September 2017. He applies his interest in sustainable companies and in people in the departments of customer service and operations, where he brings the FLSK water bottle closer to people every day. Besides, he lives and loves nature sports: the rockier the equipment the better.

What I'm good at: staying calm.
Typical me: mountian in the morning, water at midday, fitness in the evening.
In my next life: I'll make this life's mistakes all over again.

FLSK Team Ulvi 2


Ulvi is our "people mover" and a "senior" member of the FLSK Advisory Board. The industrial businessman and graduate economist got to know the FLSK bottle through a mutual friend of Quentin. After spending time in Turkey, the US and Switzerland, he now uses all his experience for FLSK - true to his motto "lead, follow or avoid". As a self-confessed citizen of the world, he prefers to take the WHTE on trips.

What I’m good at: moving people.
Typical me: No blah, no Chichi!
In my next life I’ll become: a buffalo in Montana!

Our Power-Sellers.

Our FLSK-Salesforce pass our products on to our retail locations, no matter if a brand-name multinational or a small around-the-corner boutique.

FLSK Team Erwin

FLSK Team Thomas Müller

FLSK Team Manuela
FLSK Team Rolf
FLSK Team Erwin 2


Erwin managed to make his hobby his profession: golf! He knows that concentration and efficiency are necessary to successfully complete 18 holes and that it is impossible without cold water from a FLSK bottle. Since 2017, Erwin manages the distribution in the golf sector in southern Germany and Austria. When he plays golf himself, just sometimes one of his FLSKs is filled with cold beer to celebrate any hole-in-ones!

FLSK Team Thomas Müller 2


With a lot of passion and great success, Thomas ensures that the FLSK finds its way to beautiful northern Germany. This requires regular sun-soaking: he likes to spend his well-earned holiday in Rhodes. For colleagues, Thomas is known as a typical scorpion - simply a justice fanatic.

What I’m good at: cooking. Specialties are risotto and stews. Unfortunately you can see that too ...
Typical me: Helpful, punctual and reliable.
In my next life I’ll become: I am as happy with this life as it is and do not think to the next, if one comes ...

FLSK Team Manuela 2


A power woman who is always alert and always in a good mood: this is how Manuela manages to convince the north-Bavarian retailers, everything from gift boutiques to sports retailers. She loves the feel of FLSK and the extraordinary design. Manuela surrounds herself with beauty and well-behaved four-legged friends. When the morning run must be neglected for a business trip, she turns the hotel room into a fitness studio. There are no excuses!

What I’m good at: spreading joy and happiness
Typical me: always on and always reachable
In my next life I’ll become: exactly the same!

FLSK Team Rolf 2


Rolf is the true expert for modern Kitchen equipment and interiors. Never absent: FLSK. He positions FLSK with fervent energy and Saarlandian calmness in Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, and Luxemburg.

What I’m good at: keeping calm and carrying on
Typical me: Typical Hesse accent.

FLSK Team Sepp
FLSK Team Stephan
FLSK Team Sepp 2


With joy and engagement, Sepp has looked after south Bavarian retailers for over three years. The passionate background actor focusses mainly on retailers in the home & living as well as the sports sectors. Other than being a passionate sales man, Sepp loves photography while biking passionately in the areas that inspire him most: mountains, rivers and lakes!

What I’m good at: talking and letting people talk
Typical me: strength in serenity!
In my next life I’ll become: an artist (of life)

FLSK Team Stephan 2


Stephan has been a strong partner for brands in the consumer goods industry, both online and offline, for the better part of 30 years. He has positioned FLSK in Bavaria’s retail landscape with stylistic confidence. He enjoys the typical Bavarian “Schmankerl” (delicacies) as much as the mountains that keep him in shape. Skiing and hiking, he never leaves his FLSK behind.

What I’m good at: listening.
Typical me: the mountain is calling.
In my next life I’ll become: a professional skier. 

Two friends. One beer. One idea.

There is a story behind every good product. Like so many of these stories, ours began with a cold beer between friends. In 2013 Quentin gave his later co-founder an unusually cold sip of beer out of an insulated bottle by an African brand. Unusual insofar, that the beer had been in the bottle for the better part of two days and that it was still cold, fresh and highly drinkable. They asked themselves the following question: Why does something similar not exist in Germany? In cooperation with the African producer, the product was severely reworked to fit the European market. FLSK was born!

The mission.

Design. Function. Sustainability.

The team behind FLSK began with the idea to create an uncompromising insulted bottle. Enough with heavy, leaking, ugly and unsustainably produced drinking bottles. We have shown and are showing Europe that there is a different and better way. With a drinking bottle, that upholds highest insulation and combines it with ambitious design and true sustainability through reusability.