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Your FLSK team.

Divers, but yet the same.

Behind every good idea is a team that lives it with enthusiasm. Discover the minds behind FLSK and get to know us.

The “newcomer” from the east, Alex, is specialist in the field of laser marking and ensures that our engraved FLSK products not only convince due to the idea, but also based on the result. With over 7 years of expertise his motto is: ”Can be done this way, but it can also be done even better!”. Thereby pun, (black) humor and good mood never fall by the wayside.

What I'm good at: establishing contact to people quickly and partying very long.
Typical me: questioning and optimizing. 
In my next life I'll: do nothing differently. 

This strategic head has one goal: the rebellion against the conventional. She loves to break down old structures and to think in a new way. While Amelie sets against threats in her video games with sword and shield, at FLSK she does that completely without armament. But wait, not quite, coffee (a lot!) is by all means essential for the heroism.

What I’m good at: gritting my teeth and carrying on .
Typical me: is there beer already, or should a make myself another coffee? 
In my next life I’ll be: something like Pippi Longstrocking. 

Anica has been the newest member of the FLSK marketing team since June 2021. When the Düsseldorf native is not at the riding stable, she enjoys long walks with her dog Sissy in the English Garden. A White Marble FLSK with ice-cold water is a must! Afterwards, Anica likes to reward herself with really good food, which of course she also likes to share with Sissy. 

What I’m good at: Keeping calm under stress. 
Typical me: Never on tour without Sissy. 
In my next life I will be: I will become a professional show jumper.

Since May 2020, we have been enjoying excursions into Annika's very own Taka-Tuka-Land. A native of Lower Franconia, she loves the treasures of her homeland (wine & beer) and surprises us daily with unusual quirks, all of which she confidently dismisses with "Don't you know?!". At FLSK, Annika, as Head of Marketing, keeps a confident and table-loving overview of the motley crew. By the way, we would like to clarify something: Be Annika, not Pippi.

What I’m good at: laugh at bad jokes.
Typical me: „Don’t you know that?“
In my next life I’ll be: born rich.

Chi is native Taiwanese with Japanese roots and lives in Munich. She studied tourism management in Taiwan (BA) and world cultural heritage in Japan (MA). As country manager, Chi is responsible for the management and marketing of the Japanese market. Due to her multicultural background Chi speaks five languages. With her Japanese language abilities and her understanding of the Japanese culture and society, Chi supports the communication and the collaboration between FLSK in Germany and the Japanese distributor. In her free time she enjoys cultural specialties as calligraphy and thereby immerses into the world of other cultures.

What I’m good at: Laughing heartily.
Typical me: unskimmed milk, café latte, tea with milk. Main point: milk!
In my next life: archaeologist.

Christine makes sure, that more and more people discover their favorite FLSK in our online shop every day. Once upon a time, she came from NRW to beautiful Munich for her studies and ever since she did not find a good reason to leave the world city with heart again. As a proud dog-mom she places great value on a good walk-couch-balance with Edgar. Whether during binge watching at home or when taking Edgar for a stroll in English Garden – a MDNGHT with hot, black coffee is always with her.

What I’m good at: Online shopping.
Typical me: Without coffee, without me. 
In my next life I'll become: I'll run a marathon. For real!

As fundamental part of the marketing team, Cindy serves us with plate-wise content and stories on star level. A big portion of creativity, mindfulness and unagi can be observed, when Cindy brings ideas to life. In private, this is by the way not different: here the impro-artist indulges her friends with cozy curry-evenings.

What I'm good at: Drinking wine.
Typical me: never without painted fingernails.
In my next life I'll become: a fashion designer.

Our tremendous Sweden fan Dunja is part of the FLSK team since August 2019. She started into working life as a learned media designer, searched and broke new ground, among others as a project manager and account manager, and now she enriches our FLSK family with all the experience she gained on her previous way. As head of customer service, she cares for our customers in a tender way and with a clear mind, because she would like it best, if simply all people were happy.

What I'm good at: Listening, empathizing, commiserating, helping in word and deed.
Typical me: when I have a laughing fit, I can't stop laughing so soon.
In my next life I' ll be: a Swedish author, who writes favorite books.

As a new member of the marketing team, Franzi has been supporting us at FLSK since March 2021. If the "Münchner Kindl" is not shaking delicious cocktails behind the bar herself, she also likes to enjoy a drink or two with her friends. Good food is an important part of the daily routine and every meal has to end with something sweet. When Disney hits echo through the room, there is no stopping her, and we consider ourselves lucky that the music is usually louder than the singing.

What I’m good at: Planning, organising and sorting out. 
Typical me: When do we eat?
In my next life I’ll be: born with a beautiful singing voice.

Back when FLSK was a lot smaller than it is today, Jana breezed into the office. Her plan: providing the classy FLSK with a tailor-made writing stile, which is worthy of it. A word and a blow. And so it happened, that Jana became self employed copywriter for FLSK. This includes her juggling with letters and writing the FLSK blog. But Jana is only writing, if the sun is currently not out. Because then, she is set out into the big, big world. Hiking, traveling, paddling – writing can be done, when it is dark outside! The best about FLSK? That her beloved tea stays hot in it until the evening.

What I’m good at: Leaving others their liberties.
Typical me: Tea in winter, tea in summer, tea in the morning, tea in the evening, tea actually always.
In my next life: freelancer again as fast as possible.

Hanni gives the beat not only at the drum set of a known metal band. Also in our sales team the years-long trading expert ensures proper pace. Whether when coordinating our sales force, during exhibition's set up or when processing the most diverse distributors' requests – no work is safe from this go-getter. The reward? Clearly a superb Aperol spritz on a sun terrace of a Munich café.

What I'm good at: Staying cool in stressful situations. 
Typical me: „Hold my beer, I can do this!“ 
In my next life I'll become: I want to have just as much fun as in this one.

Since the beginning of 2019 Kris takes care of the field of corporate premium branding and brings together, what belongs together: top-quality companies and FLSK. Thanks to precise planning, Kris always knows – before all others – on which event a FLSK with individual engraving is waiting for the visitors or which employees can look forward to a muki in corporate colors. The skilled positive thinker Kris not only brings a good mood permanently, but also she provides decades of experience with her own trading company – but this is a whole other story.

What I'm good at: Sitting by the ocean. 
Typical me: "And what are we doing now?"
In my next life I'll become: Owner of a beach hut.

We at FLSK live the diversity, the different tastes, opinions and characters. What holds us together? Marzia. She brings everyone together at one table and looks after our physical well-being. The tireless good soul provides us with seasonal dishes, healthy salads, and a large portion of motivation every day. It's not only her delicious lunch that gives us new power, her unprecedented energy is simply infectious and has already inspired many of us to take fresh action. With motherly care she also takes care of small and bigger worries - so that everyone feels comfortable and has a clear head. 

Michi's super power is definitely, to let things look like they are a cinch. The key accountant manager is unsurpassable in charm and competency when working with our distributors. Besides, Michi is also managing the Swiss market. It doesn't surprise one a lot, that costumers and colleges are equally upbeat about the learned problem-tackler. Nevertheless, we are a tiny bit confused about his love to his neighbor chicken Fridolin.

What I’m good at: Taking in different perspectives.
Typical me: Gin Tonic in my BLCK 500 ml.
In my next life I’ll become: A soccer pro with “Löwen” :)

A native of Switzerland, Patrick has studied Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Boston (BA) and Munich (MA). He knows the start-up world, FLSK being his third venture. Officially, Patrick oversees creating functioning operational structures as well as media partnerships. Unofficially, he is the expert for previously unsolvable problems and complicated client requests. He lives through his motto “nothing is impossible!” and makes sure that clients as well as colleagues are always happy.

What I’m good at: Selling FLSKs to people who accidentally dialed the wrong number.
Typical me: Colourful socks, colourful underwear – the only way I go to work.
In my next life I’ll become: A professional Porsche-racecar driver.

Quentin has gained a lot of experience in the business world since a young age. After apprenticeships, university degrees and working oversees, Quentin had the idea to found FLSK. His experience working for a stainless-steel bottle manufacturer definitely helped this undertaking. True to the motto “if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward”, Quentin is the driving force of FLSK, having is sights set on building a lasting business.

What I’m good at: Staying on course during a storm.
Typical me: Salt with a little meal on the side.
In my next life I’ll become: A farmer.

At a trade fair, Sabine started a conversation with Quentin. It was not long before she was captivated by FLSK! With her trade fair experience, she truly knows every detail about the business – as organizer, as exhibitor, or as attendee. Minutely planned out days, contorted exhibition halls and small talk are her strong suits. Sabine set her experience to work and tirelessly improved FLSKs presentation on trade fairs and other events.

What I'm good at: Organising.
Typical me: Checklists and Commands.
In my next life I'll become: A Farmer in New Zealand.

As art director at FLSK, Simon, the simple-maker, leads the courageous advance command of rethinking. On behalf of progress, he and his Berlin-based radically oppose dusty design guidelines and everything that seems conventional. New is always better. The old already exists. Due to this constant change of mind, our co-founder Simon doesn't fit into any framework - although paradoxically this is exactly what his favourite style element is. Have you noticed?

What I'm goot at: be in a good mood. 
Typical me: send each sentence in a separate message. 
In my next life I will be: a lumberjack. 

Stephan was already involved in information technology when the majority of us were still playing Gameboy under the school desk. We assume it was because he definitely wanted to work at FLSK some day. Where the IT wizard suddenly came from is not recorded. The legend says that he wandered through the realms of Baden-Württemberg, Friesland, Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen and Australia. But one thing is for sure: he can't leave, because without Stephan's technical know-how nothing works!

What I’m good at: Usually everything I enjoy.
Typical me: Chaos is also a form of order (:
In my next life I'll become: Resident on Mars.

Thomas joined the team at the beginning of 2017 and takes care of the areas of e-commerce and logistics at FLSK. Since he worked in the nursing sector before, it is effectively in his blood to act quickly and to tackle things courageously – exactly what is key in logistics. What links the two professions further? The variety! And so Thomas masters all the smaller problems and the urgent emergencies in the world of flowing goods.

What I’m good at: Identifying problems and solving them, improvising and crafting.
Typical me: Unambiguously ambiguous.
In my next life I will be: A film director.

Ulvi is our "people mover" and a "senior" member of the FLSK Advisory Board. The industrial businessman and graduate economist got to know the FLSK bottle through a mutual friend of Quentin. After spending time in Turkey, the US and Switzerland, he now uses all his experience for FLSK - true to his motto "lead, follow or avoid". As a self-confessed citizen of the world, he prefers to take the WHTE on trips.

What I’m good at: Moving people.
Typical me: No blah, no Chichi!
In my next life I'll become: A buffalo in Montana!

Volker is a real allrounder. Assembling glass showers, tackling in the construction industry, selling BMX bikes or making people happy in the customer support – he knows, how it works. And if not? Then he learns it! This characterizes him and with that mindset, Volker complements our team for a while now. During leisure time, he is similarly versatile. When the day's work is done, he is for example playing ice hockey or makes music. Almost always in tow: a WHTE with cold water.

What I’m good at: Trying and learning new things.
Typical me: Very bad to reach via phone.
In my next life I’ll become: If I figure something out, I'd preventively already do it in this life.

There is one thing Waldemar never forgets: Everyday could be your last day! That’s why it’s so important to him to spend every day as meaningful as possible. That’s also reflected in his career: After school and his military service he trained to be a industrial management assistant, after which he studied part-time. In his 19 years of working in the automotive supply industry, he perfected his knowledge of supply chains. Waldemar completes the FLSK-Team perfectly with his controlling know-how.

What I’m good at: understanding everything holistically.
Typical me: there are only challenges, no problems.
In my next life I’ll become: A Staffordshire Bullterrier.

Edgar joined FLSK in mid-2018, when he was adopted by Christine. While starting as a rather shy dog, he now takes his job as Feelgood-ManEdgar very serious. No matter if he is sighing in the right moment, giving high fives or is waiting for being fondled with an eager look on his face: he causes a lot of joy and instant moments of happiness, especially in the marketing team. On the weekend, he likes it best to be out and about in English Garden and to play tag with other four-legged friends.

What I’m good at: Conjuring smiles on peoples' faces.
Typical me: “Can I have another baby carrot?”
In my next life I’ll become: As cute as in this one.

Sissy has been a member of the four-legged FLSK team since June 2021 and brings a smile to everyone's face every day. With reassuring regularity, she makes her rounds through the office and gently lays her head on everyone's lap to ask for a snack. Once she's had her fill of doggy delicacies and petting, she's back to the comfiest chair in the whole office for a nap. This is the work-life balance we dream of! On weekends, she loves to go to the riding stable with Anica and race with the horses and other dogs. 

What I’m good at: convincing everyone to pet me. 
Typical me: "I'll keep looking at you until you give me love."
In my next life I’ll become: A meerkat  

As the lap dog of Quentin, Maja came to FLSK at the beginning of 2019. In the morning she likes to welcome the team with dog-kisses. No matter where she shows up, she causes cheerfulness. Thus it can happen, that she incidentally twists one or two bipeds around her little paw when being at exhibitions. Outside the office, she likes to be out and about at Isar and thereby she gladly chases some mice.

What I'm good at: Barking as soon as the word “pussycat” is mentioned.
Typical me: Always freshly coiffured.
In my next life I'll: Again a happy office dog.

Otto joined FLSK in mid-August 2019 as the most important office dog. In contrast to Edgar and Maja, it was easy to determine the breed Wockeldockel. Among the strengths of this hot dog are definitely determination and good judgement. With Otto, you don't have to fiddle around for long. If the Wacklaholic does disappear from the office, he enjoys his dog's life to the fullest, for example head banging at his favourite metal festival Wackel.

What I'm good at: dragging things out.
Typical me: Allet for the dachshund.
In my next life I'll be: a decision-maker at Dachser.

Edgar ist 2018 zu FLSK gestoßen, als er von Christine adoptiert wurde. Seine anfängliche Schüchternheit wird von Tag zu Tag weniger, und seinen Job als Feelgood-ManEdgar nimmt er mittlerweile sehr ernst. Egal ob er im richtigen Moment seufzt, High Fives gibt oder mit erwartungsvollem Blick darauf wartet, gekrault zu werden: Er sorgt vor allem im Marketing-Team für viel Freude und sofortige Glücksmomente. Wochenends ist er am liebsten im Englischen Garten unterwegs und spielt Fangen mit anderen Vierbeinern.

Kann ich gut: Menschen ein Lächeln ins Gesicht zaubern.
Typisch ich: „Kann ich noch ein Möhrchen haben?”
Im nächsten Leben werde ich: Genau so süß wie in diesem.

Als Schoßhund von Quentin kam Maja Anfang 2019 zu FLSK. In der Früh begrüßt sie das Team gerne mit Hundebussis. Egal wo sie auftaucht, Maja sorgt für gute Laune. So kann es passieren, dass sie auf Messen den ein oder anderen Zweibeiner ganz nebenbei um die kleine Pfote wickelt. Außerhalb des Büros ist sie oft an der Isar unterwegs und jagt auch gerne die ein oder andere Maus.

Kann ich gut: Bellen, sobald das Wort "Miezekatze" fällt.
Typisch ich: Immer frisch frisiert.
Im nächsten Leben werde ich: Wieder ein gut gelaunter Bürohund.

Our production experts.

Directly on site, always close-by: Our FLSK Team China ensures smooth production in Zhejiang and safe transportation to Munich. 

With Dave and his bottles it is a true love story. He has been working in the industry for over ten years and knows almost everything about vacuum flasks. With his expertise, Dave manages our supply chain, optimizes our operations in China and ensures that FLSK products continue to improve. Besides these topics, he is passionate about all kinds of outdoor sports, except bottle throwing (he doesn't have the heart to do that).

What I'm good at: Quickly absorb new perspectives and ideas . 
Typical me: Always on point.
In my next life I'll be: A professional athlete.

Never stop broadening your horizons - this is the motto Hu has chosen for himself. Whether he is training at the gym or travelling, he loves to talk to other people and learn from them. It' s quite fitting that he is responsible for research and product development at FLSK. How can the design be optimized to bring out even more function? These are questions that drive Hu.

What I'm good at: Seizing opportunities .
Typical me: Business before pleasure.
In my next life I'll be: A world explorer.

To keep a company like FLSK running smoothly, it needs people who can keep the overview - ideally someone like Linda. As Patrick's right hand in China, she is the contact person for our local production partners. In addition to perfect timing, she plans packaging and shipping. In short: efficiency is her middle name. But whether she also optimizes her morning runs so perfectly remains her secret ...

What I'm good at: Staying calm under pressure .
Typical me: Trick or treat? At dinner neither.
In my next life I will: Feed myself through world history and also visit Tibet once in a while, I promise! 

Before a FLSK product makes its way to Germany, it has to pass Mater. He watches over the right color, form and function with Argus eyes. He skilfully checks every detail and is proud that only flawless products reach our customers. His good eye is also used after work: then he captures special plants, animals and light moods with his camera.

What I'm good at: Recognize every color difference, no matter how small. 
Typical me: Absolutely loyal when push comes to shove.
In my next life I´ll be: A globetrotter.

Before joining FLSK, Xiaoli was a construction manager in Zhejiang Province responsible for the really big ones. A challenging time! The fact that he now has to deal with smaller objects is a stroke of luck for him. Now he is dedicated to our quality management. He likes best to solve problems together with our production partners. Or simply reading an exciting thriller after a game of basketball with his buddies.

What I'm good at: Find the best dinner for miles around . 
Typical me: Calm, serious and engaging.
In my next life I will be:  A restaurant inspector.

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