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The snack pot that can do more.

The muki is the high-quality alternative to the plastic snack box. The stainless steel snack pot always has the perfect snack ready and simply looks elegant. Thanks to the proven VICC® technology, the ingredients in the muki pot remain warm or cool throughout the day, while the muki top contains 250 ml of cereal, topping or dip. The two individually closable containers keep everything fresh and crisp. The muki is the snack pot that can do more.

The muki snack pot: Your everyday hero to go.

It's insane, the things that you do every single day. You're fully committed to your projects at work and simultaneously make sure that your family never falls short of the attention they deserve. Somehow you still make time to volunteer for what's important for you and regularly enjoy time out with your friends. You're giving it your all and always make sure to ace it. It's time for you to get something in return.

The muki is for you. It's the only snack pot that can compete. It performs, even when you're having a rough time. It makes your life simpler. It assists you in taking care of your children. It looks extremely good. In short: The muki snack pot will help you master your daily routine. But how does it do it? It's simple, really: The muki always carries the ideal snack to give you a boost during the day.

What the muki snack pot can do.

How did you ever make it through your day without the muki? We don't even know. But thankfully, those times are a thing of the past! This delicate snack pot achieves everything that your personal hero needs to do.

  • Snacking the way you want it: Its two versatile modules turn the muki into a genuine individualist. The muki top holds a volume of 250 ml while the lower muki pot contains 300 ml. Whether you combine the two contents, and create the perfect match in the process, is fully up to you.
  • Snacking without leakage: The muki is tightly sealed. Did we say tight?! Well actually, it is tighter than tight and can be carried with peace of mind - including with liquids such as yogurt or applesauce.
  • Snacking at your preferred temperature: Would you like to enjoy a warm breakfast, even after a few hours have passed? Or how about preparing a fresh smoothie in the morning and have it ready for consumption in the afternoon? The muki makes it possible. Its completely BPA-free stainless steel boasts an insulating vacuum that keeps your snacks warm or cool.
  • Snacking with style: A snack pot so beautiful that it could easily be confused with a work of art. Its elegant colors and the award-winning design effortlessly insert themselves into your lifestyle.


The muki snack pot – your power bank for the office and everything to come.

Are you feeling exhausted after a long meeting? Forget about fast-food and candy bars as a relief. The muki offers you a healthy choice to overcome a midday low. It stands for a well-balanced diet that leaves no room for stress, but even more room for style. And taste! Thanks to the two separated vessels, your cereal to-go will maintain its crunchiness. 

The muki-mix for a healthy energy boost:

  • A handful of berries on top with chia seed pudding below.
  • Apple slices on top with oatmeal below.
  • Cereals with nuts on top and fresh yoghurt below.