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This one love.

True love needs no proof. But every now and then a little attention really can't hurt. Discover our stylish merchandising products for FLSK lovers - to give away, keep for yourself and enjoy. Spread the love!

Favorite pieces with FLSK appeal.

Does that sound familiar? Sometimes it zooms in and you have an irretrievable crush. For all those who can't get enough of the irresistible FLSK design, there's now a rescue: small fine things from the FLSK universe that simply suit you.

Dress code: confident.

You can hardly get closer to FLSK than with this t-shirt. And thanks to the soft cotton fabric it feels incredibly good! The timeless black with the characteristic FLSK drop makes your outfit a statement of good taste. Conclusion: A must-have for true FLSK fans.

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We can also do crown caps.

Hard to believe: Not every drink is served to you in a FLSK bottle with screw cap. Now don't panic, we have an elegant solution for this as well: With the FLSK bottle opener on your key ring, you can open any crown cap even when you are on the road.