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Discover our FLSK drinking bottle.

The FLSK is the first bottle of its kind to combine maximum insulation performance with purist design.
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Our secret: The VICC© technology.

The FLSK drinking bottle keeps your drinks hot for up to 18 hours and ice-cold for up to 24 hours. With this insulation performance, it outperforms many conventional thermo bottles, which can usually only maintain the temperature for six to nine hours. 

But why does the FLSK do what others cannot? The secret lies in the innovative VICC® technology. Learn more about the revolution of the water bottle here.

Stainless steel – the FLSK water bottle's material.

High quality requires high grade materials. Read here why stainless steel was chosen. 

FLSK - the design water bottle.

Stylish and elegant instead of bulky and unwieldy. The FLSK looks great in any colour and size. Its discreet design has already won several awards. 

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FLSK Awards

It does the job: At the office with the FLSK water bottle.

You're very good at your job. Every day you master new challenges with passion. The FLSK drinking bottle ensures that your ideas bubble up and you always keep a cool head.