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Like a second skin: The neoprene sleeve for your FLSK.

FLSK’s neoprene sleeve is the perfect add-on for your FLSK bottle. Like a second skin, the sleeve encloses the bottle while harmonizing with the typical FLSK design. The FLSK neoprene sleeve can also upgrade bottles by other brands. The PVC-free material is durable, especially light-weight and washer-safe.

The FLSK crown.

A FLSK without a lid is like a queen without a crown. The FLSK replacement lid is available in two sizes. The smaller one fits the 350 ml and 500 ml bottles, the large one fits the 750 ml and 1000 ml bottles. Of course, it is absolutely leak-proof, so that your favourite drink can never leak. 

The in-depth cleaning for maximum cleanliness.

The FLSK Cleaning beads do their job perfectly without any artificial cleaning agents. In addition, they can be reused as often as desired and are therefore extremely sustainable. Simply fill the cleaning balls with a little warm water directly into the FLSK drinking bottle. Now all you have to do is shake the bottle for about 10 seconds and then pour the beads over a strainer. A quick rinse - and done. 

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