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FLSK Sealing ring carbonic acid

Our aim is to constantly optimize our FLSK products. This is why we proudly introduced the second generation of FLSK to the market in the beginning of the year. For the volumes of 350 ml and 500 ml we used newly engineered, softer silicone rings. As it now turns out, this has the consequence that a high pressure builds up inside the bottle due to the transport of carbonated beverages. This can cause the lid to come off the bottle neck jerkily when unscrewed. You can imagine this effect similar to a champagne cork. 

Important: This is not a product recall but a product warning. The so-called "champagne cork effect" currently occurs in approx. 5 % of our sizes 350 ml and 500 ml.

Don't worry: the FLSK does not explode.

You know from the FLSK or conventional bottles with carbonated drinks that some carbon dioxide can escape when opening them at first. Due to the softer silicone ring, the carbon dioxide remains trapped inside the FLSK until it is completely opened. Therefore, the entire pressure of the bottle is released at once when the lid is being removed and not gradually.

FLSK hard silicone ring

FLSK soft silicone ring

Of course, we want you to be able to enjoy carbonated drinks from your FLSK. Therefore, we are already producing new silicone rings with full speed. In order to receive these, please simply fill in the form below. If you prefer to pick up your new sealing ring from your trusted dealer, you can do so as of September.

Thank you for your understanding.

Only 350 ml or 500 ml bottles or the corresponding (spare) caps in combination with LOT number 103-2-1 are affected in individual cases.

If there is no LOT number on the bottom of your FLSK drinking bottle, everything is fine. You have a first generation FLSK in which you can continue to fill carbonated drinks without any concerns.

The same applies to the lids: If you cannot find a LOT number on your replacement lid, you can continue to fill your FLSK bottle with carbonated beverages without any concerns.

If you bought your FLSK drinking bottle in the online shop after July 24, 2020, this bottle is also not affected.

Please enter your address in the form below. We are already producing the new silicone ring, which we will send you by post at the beginning of September. In the meantime, we kindly ask you to avoid filling carbonated drinks in your FLSK.

Please make sure that the ring fits on the lid as shown here. The groove of the ring should face the inside of the bottle.

FLSK Dichtungsring wechseln

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