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muki Snackpot

He is small, sturdy, super versatile and so beautiful. A multi-talent in its purest form. Absolutely tight, simply practical and lovingly designed. We are proud to finally present: The muki. The perfect snack pot.

Simply practical.


In the muki snack pot you can carry everything that gives you a boost of energy during the day: from juicy apple wedges to yoghurt with a delicious crunch to the iced smoothie made from fresh berries. The modular design with two individually closable vessels ensures that you do not have to mix what is not (yet) to mix. So your fruit stays crisp and soaked muesli is a thing of the past.

Enjoy a snack from your muki wherever and whenever you feel like it - of course perfectly tempered, because the double-walled stainless steel keeps your snack cool or warm all day long. The muki does not lose its composure even in your turbulent everyday life. Unlike many other snack boxes, you do not have to pack it in an extra plastic bag to avoid nasty surprises in your pocket, because it is completely sealed.

Excellent design.

The muki snack pot is winner of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019. The international jury awards the coveted quality seal only to products that have an outstanding design.

muki Red Dot Award 2019 winner

muki in the office

Your energy boost in the office.

Hand on heart: Between meetings, telephone appointments and e-mails, the time for a well-balanced diet often falls by the wayside. This is noticeable - in concentration, on the wallet and last but not least on health.

With a healthy snack from the muki you can easily overcome the midday low. Yoghurt and fruit or cereal and milk stay nicely cool and separated in the muki, until you make a perfect match and refuel with a balanced snack. The lower cup has a capacity of 300 ml, in the upper part fit 250 ml.

How it started.

We were convinced that there must be a first-class alternative to the snack box of plastic. A snack pot that convinces with its powerful insulation and looks really elegant. A snack pot made of high quality stainless steel and completely BPA-free. A snack pot that can do more.

That was the birth of the muki.

muki Timeline

In the muki top fit 250 ml. It is closed absolutely tight with a lid for pressing.

In the middle, the TriZone ThermoGuard ensures that no temperature exchange takes place between the two modules.

The muki pot has room for 300 ml.The proven VICC®-technology ensures the powerful insulation: There is a vacuum between the two stainless steel walls and, in addition, the outside of the inner layer is coated with copper.

The function.

cross-section muki

FLSK and muki. The dream team.

In the FLSK drinks stay really hot for a long time. A mug would be perfect? Voilà: the muki.

The lower, insulated half is the perfect complement to the FLSK and ensures that coffee and tea do not get cold immediately after pouring. In addition, you can simply screw the lid on the muki after using it and wrap it up, so there are no stains or something in your pocket gets wet.

An overview of our muki models.

An overview of our muki models

Tough & functional.
from 42,75 €
Luxurious & fabulous.
from 45,75 €
Impressive & intensive.
from 42,75 €
muki for children

The snackpot for the little ones.

Your offspring is driven by a tireless curiosity and would like to try everything. So that your little ones are not thwarted by a hunger hole between football training and swimming lessons, a snack from the muki provides new energy and concentration. From now on you are prepared for everything.

If everyone gets their own muki snack pot, you can prepare your snacks together in the morning. Berries or apple wedges, cucumber sticks or carrots, yogurt or cold milk? Let them choose their snacks for themselves - so they playfully learn how much fun healthy eating can be.


The best way to clean your muki snack pot is with lukewarm water, a rinse sponge and a little detergent. A little caution should be taken with tomato sauce: The TriZone ThermoGuard should first be rinsed with cold water so that it does not discolour. Both sealing rings can be removed and cleaned individually.

To prevent odors or discoloration, you should clean and dry your muki after each use. We recommend that you do not put the muki in the dishwaser, otherwise the powdercoating could be damaged.

weight 295 g
height 15 cm
diameter above 9,5 cm
diameter below 6,5 cm
filling pot 300 ml
filling top 250 ml

We do everything we can to break the boundaries of the ordinary every day, but we are powerless against the limits of physics. Therefore, our request: Please do not fill the muki snack pot higher than the marked level. Otherwise it can create a negative pressure when screwing in and the muki will later be very difficult to reopen.

The muki snack pot can be personalized with a laser engraving in the online shop. This is especially useful if each family member has his own muki, because that will not mess things up in the kitchen. An engraved muki is also a very special, personal gift. Simply subscribe to the newsletter, we will inform you as soon as the engraving is available for the muki.