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In shape with the FLSK water bottle

In shape with the FLSK water bottle

Whether circuit training, a session at the gym, yoga, or CrossFit – you work out so that your body stays healthy and attractive. So why should you be satisfied with health-damaging, unattractive water bottles? Why not choose a training partner who will supply you with fluids in a healthy way and is not fooled when it comes to design?

You’re dripping with sweat, blood is rushing through your body: Today, you killed your inner couch potato! After a good workout, you feel strong and capable. Just like your FLSK water bottle. It is a real high achiever and keeps your drink fresh and at an ideal temperature for more than 24 hours. To the gym? Only with your FLSK.

Give your body what it needs.

When should you reach for your bottle during a workout? Before, during, and after training. Dehydration is the main cause of shaky muscles and decline in performance. No problem, starting now, drinking will be easy. Because with the FLSK, every sip is enjoyable. Here are some strong arguments for the FLSK water bottle:
  1. Function without compromise: The FLSK keeps your sports drink at just the right temperature. It doesn’t matter whether you are working on your muscles in a stuffy, hot studio or in a cool CrossFit gym.
  2. Suitable style: In the gym, stainless steel and black dominate. The FLSK water bottle in the colours STNLSS and BLCK looks good next to the machines.
  3. Uncomplicated: The FLSK is easy to deal with every day. It doesn’t need much. Just rinse it with running water after use. Done.
  4. Good for your health: The high-quality stainless steel of the FLSK water bottle keeps germs away and does not release any harmful plasticisers.

An overview of our FLSK models.

Strong at the gym.

About 15 million people in Germany regularly go to the gym. No wonder: You can train effectively and in varied ways there. Alone, in a group, or with a trainer. With machines, weights, your body weight. Add some motivating music in your ear, and hardly anything can go wrong. But hold on, suddenly your limbs feel heavy and you have forgotten the sequence of your exercise. By now the warning bells should be going off: Concentration, endurance, and coordination rapidly diminish when you don’t drink enough during a workout. That’s why you should go by the general rule: Drink as soon as you sweat, and do not wait until you’re thirsty. Do you prefer pure water or fizzy sports drinks? No matter what you crave after leg presses and crunches, enjoy your cool refreshment at the perfect temperature from the FLSK water bottle. Even when storing carbonated drinks, it remains 100% leak-proof. After protein shakes, the FLSK can be rinsed clean and will be residue-free.

To the mat: Work out with style and function.

Machines are too technical for you? You’re not aiming for the muscles of a body builder but instead for the overall tightening of the body in combination with relaxation? Then you’re probably more likely to be found in classes like yoga or Pilates. When you’re on the mat, you should also drink regularly to stay fit until the end of the hour. Motivate yourself with a practical, functional design water bottle like the FLSK thermos. By the way: If you drink a lot, this boosts the great side effect of burning fat. Simply place the FLSK at the end of your gym mat. Don’t worry if it is knocked over. The robust stainless steel can easily handle it and remains completely sealed. The FLSK water bottle is available in many great colours, most likely also one that matches your sports outfit. So grab that workout bottle.

Pure power at CrossFit.

Followers of this new fitness cult swear by the FLSK water bottle. CrossFit creates muscles of steel, is a whole lot of fun, and presents a different kind of physical challenge. This is not for the faint of heart. Throwing tyres, jumping over obstacles, and hitting wood with a hammer are just some of the disciplines that take you to your limits. A water bottle therefore belongs in your bag that is incredibly robust and can take anything: The FLSK. It cannot be fazed by falls and blows, it delivers its function at 100% under all circumstances. After a hard training, you deserve a cool refreshment, not a lukewarm one. The FLSK water bottle delivers your drink to you at your desired temperature for 24 hours. Furthermore, it will win you over with its urban-contemporary design that does not scream “workout bottle” from afar. We recommend the 1-litre version of the FLSK insulating bottle, because sweat tends to flow in buckets at CrossFit. Do not compromise on something as important as your water supply after training. Better to go straight for the FLSK.