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A sparkling experience: Carbonated drinks in the FLSK water bottle

A sparkling experience: Carbonated drinks in the FLSK water bottle

Still waters run deep? Possibly. But every now and then, nothing makes us happier than a fizzy drink. Particularly when we are overheated and our throat is dry. Out and about, roaming the streets of the city, or playing sports in nature. Especially in places where they’re not readily available, everybody knows: Carbonated drinks are difficult to transport in a water bottle.

We have had enough of flat soft drinks, exploding bottles, and leaking lids. Let’s put a stop to this. It is time for the FLSK water bottle. It retains the carbonation and temperature of your favourite drink, no matter how much you shake it. Oh, and the insulating bottle also happens to look great.

A harmonious pair: carbonation and the FLSK water bottle.

Why should you only transport carbonated drinks in the FLSK from now on? Here is an overview of our strongest arguments:
  1. Keeps tight: The lid of the FLSK water bottle fits down to the millimetre and lets neither gasses nor liquids pass. Upright transportation is no longer necessary.
  2. Stays sparkling: The carbonation is retained in the inside of the FLSK and waits for its cue. Even after a bumpy ride, the water bottle can be opened without foaming over.
  3. Insulates reliably: Drinks remain cold for 24 hours in the FLSK water bottle. Sunshine or not.
  4. Tastes good: The FLSK water bottle does not add its own taste to your drink. After rinsing, it can also be used for water again.

An overview of our FLSK models.

Refreshment without regrets.

What happened so far: It’s a warm day in the city, you have a few things to get done. Against your better judgement, you pack a plastic bottle with a soft drink. When you pull it out of the bag, in search of a cool refreshment, the water bottle has reached: 25 degrees. As you open it, half of the liquid sprays up in your face. The drink tastes flat, with a tinge of plastic, not a trace of carbonation remains. Sadly, filling carbonated drinks into water bottles made of harmless materials has also not provided a solution, since most lids could not withstand the pressure of the carbonation. The result: The carbonated drinks escape dropwise to where nobody wants them – into the bag or on the car seat. With the carbonation-proof thermos from FLSK, these problems are history. It’s really easy: Pour a carbonated drink, close the lid, and enjoy the ice-cold fizz for 24 hours.

Champagne? Yes, please.

Sometimes you see people out and about with sparkling wine in glass bottles, on the way to a party. This is pretty impractical, since the heavy bottle still needs to be opened (ideally without a carbonation explosion) and then emptied immediately. Not to mention the possibility of broken glass. Have you ever considered simply transferring a bottle of prosecco or fine champagne into a different bottle? The FLSK water bottle opens up entirely new options. Your friends will be astonished when you pull out a chic, black FLSK water bottle with sparkling wine during an evening by the lake. You can be sure that the valuable content, including carbonation, will survive the trip well, will not leak, and will taste as if freshly uncorked. Celebrate when and where you want to – with your FLSK water bottle.