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You never walk alone: On the go with the FLSK water bottle

You never walk alone: On the go with the FLSK water bottle

You lead an active life. When you leave the house in the morning, it isn’t unusual for you to be out until evening. And in between? That’s where you live your vibrant life. As diverse, free, and joyful as you are.

You meet friends, cycle in the park, sweat during a workout, go shopping, work, love, and are on the road. What is missing on the way is a companion who joins you in everything, takes care of you, and enriches your life: The FLSK water bottle.

Isn’t that practical?

For you to enjoy using something on a daily basis, it needs to really convince you. This is why we spared no effort and fine-tuned the FLSK water bottle until it met your high demands. Voilà – six reasons for you to have the FLSK with you when you’re on the go.
  1. The FLSK is a world-champion insulator. Your drinks are still ice-cold after 24 hours, and still as hot as when you poured them 18 hours earlier.
  2. The FLSK retains carbonation. It fizzes as if freshly filled.
  3. The FLSK is a lightweight. For light-hearted drinking pleasure.
  4. The FLSK is really leak-proof. And when we say leak-proof, we mean leak-proof. “Tossing-it-over-your-head-into-your-handbag”-leak-proof.
  5. The FLSK is indestructible. It does not break or dent.
  6. The FLSK is good for the environment. Because you can use it again and again for many years.

An overview of our FLSK models.

It belongs in your bag.

Apparently, some minimalists only need their phone and wallet to be happy when they’re on the go. If you do not belong to this group, you’re not alone. No matter what your day looks like – we think a few things make it considerably more pleasant: sunglasses, wet wipes, mini-emergency pharmacy, music, and of course the FLSK insulating bottle to quench your thirst. Depending on how long you are out and about, you can choose from four FLSK sizes. 350 ml for your small bag, 500 ml for the modest, 750 ml for the backpack, and 1,000 ml for the long haul. Psst… insider’s tip: Just refill your FLSK water bottle en route.

One for all.

A coffee-to-go cup in the morning? A sports water bottle for your workout? The heavy glass bottle for the sundowner by the river? You’re already lugging enough stuff around. Fortunately, the FLSK is always a good fit. You can pour your hot drink in the morning and easily wash the thermos later on. You won’t taste anything that was in it before. And the FLSK is already prepared for its next service. Whether tea, water, lemonade, or a protein shake, it keeps all liquids at the right temperature for hours. For a cosy evening with friends, fill it with beer, punch, or wine. Extra plus point: The timeless, elegant design lets you look good in every situation.