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It does the job: At the office with the FLSK water bottle

It does the job: At the office with the FLSK water bottle

Your work is more than just a source of income to you. It allows you to be creative, get involved, and see your ideas come to life. Your job should give your life a purpose and make you happy. Fortunately, the FLSK water bottle can help brighten every minute of your day at the office. Thanks to the all-inclusive package of design and function, you will be fit, awake, and relaxed all day.

Your FLSK insulating bottle not only provides you with your well-chilled favourite drinks but also spices up your work routine with a pinch of style and quality of life. It becomes into your indispensable office companion. It keeps your coffee warm while you check your emails in the morning and makes sure you keep a cool head during long afternoon meetings. Enjoy your work day with the FLSK water bottle by your side.

Professional drinking with the FLSK.

Nowadays, many offices have water fountains from which you can tap chilled still or sparkling water. But the well-intentioned effect is unfortunately passé more quickly than you can drink in the conventional glass carafes. Better grab your FLSK water bottle, since it:
  1. keeps cold for 24 hours and hot for 18 hours.
  2. is truly leak-proof and retains carbonation.
  3. remains hygienically clean simply by rinsing.
  4. matches every meeting length coming in four sizes.

An overview of our FLSK models.

Drinking enough at work? I manage that with ease.

Even if you are sitting in your office chair for eight hours, your body uses up plenty of fluids. Because your brain is very active during this time. The bad air in closed rooms and public transportation adds to this. Without regular drinking, headaches and fatigue become a threat. With the FLSK water bottle on your office desk, you now have a good reason to reach for your water bottle more frequently.

The eye-catcher in the meeting room.

The FLSK water bottle is the stylish accessory for the meeting room that your business partners have been waiting for. The times of lukewarm drinks at business meetings are now finally over. The FLSK thermos serves drinks at a suitable temperature in a fine, professional way. If you want to, you can also brand your FLSK water bottle with your company logo through a laser engraving. This makes it even more individual.