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Discover the world with the FLSK water bottle

Discover the world with the FLSK water bottle

Finally, the holidays are here. You have a few days or weeks ahead of you to arrange completely at your own whim. Room for something new, room to explore and try things. That works best when you have something with you that you can rely on 100%. Like the FLSK water bottle. As a tested globetrotter, it crosses the desert with you, paddles across the Yangtze River, and roams through the ravines of New York.

The FLSK insulating bottle will make your holiday unforgettable. When the sun kisses you, it refreshes you with ice-cold lemonade. At just the right moment, it peps you up in the morning with hot coffee in your tent. It’s stable, it’s reusable, and it carries no weight. Oh, and the FLSK water bottle doesn’t even need a ticket. Well then – have a good trip!

Ready for a holiday.

What you really don’t need on holiday is unnecessary ballast. The FLSK water bottle is just the opposite. It’s so practical that you will soon no longer be able to imagine a trip without it. 4 reasons for travelling with your FLSK:

  1. A chilled beer for a 35-degree day on the beach? No problem, the FLSK keeps its contents cold for 24 hours.
  2. Dog sled tour in Lapland and you can no longer feel your legs? Time for hot tea, which stays this way for 18 hours in the FLSK.
  3. All clothes in one backpack? A leaking bottle would be very irritating. The FLSK water bottle is absolutely leak-proof under any circumstances.
  4. Four weeks in deepest Africa? The FLSK, made of robust 304 stainless steel, is the safe alternative, since germs feel particularly unwelcome in it.

An overview of our FLSK models.

Travelling with light luggage.

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery to gain new perspectives on life. No matter whether your dream holiday takes you to Germany or to the Amazon – drinking is a good idea. But best to do it with style and no extra baggage. With the ultralight FLSK, all options are always open to you. Choose the large 1-liter bottle for longer car and train journeys and the 350-ml or 500-ml bottle for your handbag. The 750-ml bottle presents a good compromise between packing volume and amount of liquid.

I am packing my suitcase and taking: The FLSK water bottle.

At some point on any trip, the moment arrives that needs nothing but the fitting drink to become golden. But usually, there's no supermarket nearby. And let’s be honest, the most beautiful spots on earth do not have a bar. Fortunately! With the FLSK thermos, you can enjoy your favourite drink away from the hustle and bustle and regardless of time and place. This is the ultimate freedom you long for during a holiday. Pack your FLSK and experience your moment of happiness. This will make your trip perfect.