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Cross every mountain with the FLSK water bottle: Hiking for connoisseurs

Frau mit FLSK STNLS beim Wandern

Weekend, sunshine. Your body is craving movement after the work week, and your head just wants to switch off. What to do? Oh yes, hiking! Together with family and friends, a relaxed hike is most fun. Find a route, tie your shoes, and let’s go!

But hold on – one thing should not be missing from your backpack: The FLSK water bottle. It not only accompanies you in everyday life but also on hiking tours with a large portion of liquid and Alpine lifestyle. Enjoy your break in nature – the FLSK water bottle will take care of the drinks.

Drink plenty en route.

While you are enjoying your hiking route, your body is getting going. That is why it looks forward to a bit of outdoor wellness in nature – in the form of sufficient water or sports drinks. But pleasantly cool, please. Fortunately, the FLSK water bottle with its fantastic functions is always by your side. It reliably supplies you with fluids at just the right temperature, can easily be refilled, and remains clean so that germs don’t have a chance. Here are the most important functions of your FLSK water bottle:
  1. Doesn’t give in: The FLSK thermos manages to keep your drink warm for 18 hours and cold for 24 hours. Pour it in at drinking temperature to comfortably drink from the bottle.
  2. Can take a lot: Water bottles can be dropped once in a while. The FLSK doesn’t lose its shape, even if it encounters a stone wall while hiking.
  3. Doesn’t weigh in: Due to the lightweight construction of the water bottle, you are not carrying a single excess gram around with you. The FLSK water bottle is also slim and fits into all backpack bottle holders.
  4. Doesn’t leak: The lid is the weak point of most insulating bottles. Due to the exact fit, not a single drop is lost with the FLSK water bottle.

An overview of our FLSK models.

Hiking lifestyle.

If you browse through current hiking guides with titles such as “Climbing for Late Risers” or “Cosy Evening Routes”, you will notice: Hiking is no longer just for extreme athletes. Walking across rough terrain is a wonderful way to get away from the job and keeps head and spirit healthy in a gentle way. And by no means do you have to climb steep inclines for 5 hours and get up at 5 a.m. on a Sunday. Hiking can vary depending on your individual wishes and fitness and fits into your life – even if you work. You don’t need to give up comfort and style when hiking. Enhance your hiking outfit with the FLSK, a water bottle that can handle anything while looking outrageously good.

Hiking? Not without your FLSK water bottle.

After a varied hike across mountains, valleys, fields, and woods, the absolute highlight is a stop at the hut or a well-deserved picnic on the side of the road. Nothing is greater than enjoying the view and proudly looking back on the completed route. But until you have reached that point, remember: Everything you need must be carried on your back. Therefore, you should carefully consider what makes it into your backpack while hiking. With the FLSK, you are packing a water bottle that does not weigh you down but has enough capacity for the day. Aside from water, you can also transport warming tea on chilly autumn days or a “peak coffee”.

Clever storage.

Hiking fans know: Continuous drinking is at the top of the list of priorities. Stow your FLSK water bottle in a place you can easily reach at any time. This will spare you from regularly having to set down and pick up your backpack. The handy FLSK water bottle feels most comfortable in a compartment on the outside of your backpack or in the practical neoprene bag. With this, you can attach the water bottle with a carabiner without it annoyingly swinging back and forth. You can order the neoprene cover in the shop. In a cool black, it lets the colour of the FLSK hiking water bottle shine even more.