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Improve your handicap: Golfing with the FLSK water bottle

Improve your handicap: Golfing with the FLSK water bottle

The club cuts through the clear morning air. The hiss of the perfectly hit ball lets your heart beat faster. You pause in perfect rotation and follow the trajectory with your eyes. A good shot. A few minutes later, you reach the hole and know for certain: bull’s eye.

Although sometimes looked down at by other athletes, the golfer knows: A round on the 18-hole course is no walk in the park. You need to maintain concentration for hours and execute a brilliant shot when it really matters. For you to succeed, regular drinking is a prerequisite. Best to do this with a water bottle of high-quality processing, great functionality, and an aesthetic design that puts all others in the corner.

Everything a water bottle needs for golfing.

As a golfer, you have special demands for your water bottle. The FLSK thermos meets them all:
  1. Insulating: Warm drinks really remain warm – for up to 18 hours. At high temperatures, the FLSK of course also maintains the refreshing coolness of your sports drink for 24 hours.
  2. Robust: Even though golf is not a rough sport, glass bottles have no place on the course. The stable stainless steel of the FLSK water bottle is indestructible and shockproof.
  3. Leak-proof: The accurately sealed lid doesn’t let a single drop escape. You can shake it as much as you want.
  4. Diverse: You can fill anything you like to drink while golfing into the FLSK insulating bottle. With carbonation or without. And it always remains taste-neutral.

An overview of our FLSK models.

Those who drink, win.

When golfing, you have one thing in excess: time. You should use it to hydrate again and again. This way, you will continually maintain your physical performance. For a sport like golf, which can take up 4 hours of your time, we recommend the 1-litre version of the FLSK golf water bottle. You can easily refill this several times.

Putt with accuracy, drink with style.

Anyone who claims golf isn’t about style has never been to a golf club. Seeing and being seen is just as important as a low handicap. After you have invested a lot of money in sound equipment and your outfit passes the judging glances, you should not make the mistake of using an unattractive plastic bottle. Better go straight for the FLSK water bottle, available in many colours. Purists will of course also find muted colours such as black, white, or stainless in the online shop.

Go far with your golf bag.

Why do you love golf? Because it unites many aspects. You are outside in the fresh air, stay fit, and are mentally stimulated. And: You can practice your sport in the most beautiful locations in the world. Golf trips are very popular at the moment, and what better way to take in the surroundings than with a relaxed game of golf? Fortunately, you have packed your multi-functional water bottle. The FLSK does not only provide good services on the golf course but also while travelling. The robust, germ-free stainless steel and the beautiful appearance make the FLSK water bottle your preferred holiday companion.