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FLSK – the design water bottle

FLSK – the design water bottle

Why are traditional thermoses so unattractive? Your daily companion should not merely deliver on function, it should also look good. Our aspiration is to combine modern technology with an appealing design. This is why the FLSK refreshingly stands out from the silver-grey monotony. Our designers have worked and sketched meticulously. The result: A water bottle that you can proudly place on the finely set table. Envious glances are a given.

Sure, a water bottle is an object of utility. But this does not mean that you have to walk around with an ugly, run-of-the-mill bottle. We think: Good design is innovative, honest, discreet, and durable. And it makes our everyday life a little more attractive. Just like the FLSK. With its perfect form and fresh colours, it clearly distinguishes itself from common bottles. Through the pure, timeless design, it outlives all passing trends and accompanies you for many years.

Design is in the details.

The cylindrical shape of the stainless-steel bottle becomes narrower in the upper quarter and evenly converges towards the opening in a flat curve. This means that it gives up as little space as possible, which is important for the bottle’s handy form and size. It follows the model of the classical design of a drinking bottle. The narrow neck ensures that you have a good grip on your FLSK.

The thread of the opening is a metallic silver, like the lid, and sets a contrast to the colourful bottle. The size of the opening only differs slightly in the various bottle sizes and ranges from 3.2 to 3.4 centimetres. The opening is adapted so that you can effortlessly fill it with liquid while also drinking comfortably from the thermos. The lid fits absolutely precisely and does not let a single drop escape.
The FLSK logo with the characteristic drop is applied to the bottle base and the lid with a precise laser. The side displays the discreet brand lettering. The FLSK water bottle is available in the four different sizes of 350, 500, 750, and 1,000 millilitres in the shop. The volume of the insulating bottle is designed to fit into common bicycle holders or exercise machines as well as into the FLSK neoprene bag.
Furthermore we are happy about our multiple awards for our excellent product design.

FLSK - excellent design.

An overview of our FLSK models.

The FLSK colours.

  • The red BRDX: A satin Bordeaux red. Actually a timeless classic, but not inconspicuous. It reminds us of southern French cuisine and cosy, romantic evenings with the FLSK in the colour of love. Wine lovers can then keep their Saint-Emilion Grand Cru at the perfect temperature for hours in the FLSK.
  • The black BLCK: Black, and a rich black. If any water bottle can be timelessly elegant, then this one. Those who like to bring their own drink to opera premieres will have the perfect accessory at hand with the FLSK BLCK. The black water bottle is of course also perfectly suitable for a comfortable picnic in the park.
  • The white WHTE: A clean white. The insulating bottle has a minimalistic touch that suits almost everything. As a noble all-rounder, it feels at home everywhere, in a modern kitchen, on the desk, or on a finely set dining table.
  • The Champagne: A warm silver. The drinking bottle that brings peace and balance to your everyday life. She accompanies you to yoga and dancing and always has a sip of ice-cold lemon water ready for you on your way to self-fulfilment. 
  • The STNLS: The pure stainless-steel bottle without lacquer coating proves itself as especially robust and durable in all situations. STNLS is perfectly suited for purists, athletes, and adventurers.
  • The Roségold: The shades of the shimmering precious metal stand for sensual pleasures and appropriate luxury. Spoil yourself with the brilliance and glamour you deserve.
  • The blue MDNGHT: By far the most royal variant of the FLSK radiates strength and intensity. The infinitely deep blue of the ocean or the starry sky is no longer just withheld from them – with the MDNGHT you can save this situation at any time.
  • The dark green FRST: Elegant, noble, self-confident. The FRST in rich dark green accompanies you on the golf course and makes a very elegant figure especially on dark desks.
  • The White Marble: This FLSK brings calm, strength and inspiration into your everyday life. Celebrate your achievements with ice-cold champagne from a water bottle as graceful as a marble statue.