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Some like it hot: Coffee and tea from the FLSK thermos

Some like it hot: Coffee and tea from the FLSK thermos

Nothing peps you up like freshly brewed hot coffee or tea. Unfortunately, these cool off quickly in most pots. And then they don’t taste nearly as good. We at FLSK think: It’s time for a thermos revolution.

With a thermos that transports your coffee or tea from A to B in a stylish, sustainable way while keeping it steaming hot. That gives you the freedom of enjoying it everywhere and at any time. Forget everything you know about hot drinks from thermos flasks and coffee pots – you deserve better. Discover the coffee or tea FLSK thermos.

FLSK loves coffee.

It’s quick, it’s convenient, it’s trendy: Coffee or chai latte to go. This is a catastrophe for the environment, since the paper and plastic cups used swallow up an incredible amount of resources. With the FLSK thermos, you are making an important decision every day: for your hot drink on the go and against the flood of waste. But not just that:

  1. You save a lot of money if you make your tea or coffee at home and take it along in the FLSK thermos instead of buying it on the way.
  2. You need more than one coffee to get going in the morning? The largest version holds one litre. Want to bet that will wake you up?
  3. Bye bye coffee stains: The FLSK is leak-proof, a cup isn’t. Look forward to a clean outfit the next time somebody bumps into you on the train or you need to slam on the brakes.

An overview of our FLSK models.

Coffee to go? Yes, please.

Coffee lovers swear by the FLSK thermos, because it makes life easier. In it, hot drinks taste freshly brewed for more than 18 hours. They stay hot and unfold their full aroma in the taste-neutral thermos. Big plus point: It looks really good and can therefore also easily leave the kitchen. In elegant black or joyful colours, the FLSK accompanies you while skiing, hiking, at the office, or just to bed in stormy or snowy weather. There, it does what it does best: Making sure you have fresh coffee for hours.

A kingdom for tea.

As a tea lover, you know: Good tea is valuable and demands mindful handling. The FLSK keeps your hot drink hot for 18 hours and retains the fine flavour of high-quality teas thanks to the taste-neutral stainless steel. At the same time, this insulating bottle looks stylish and is a true lifestyle accessory with its timeless design. In the FLSK thermos, you can take Earl Grey, ayurvedic herbal tea, and of course your detox green tea everywhere. And all that without losing flavour.