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We give you the engraving for free.

Finally out again. Sitting in the sun in a T-shirt for the first time. Feeling a warm breeze on your face. Rays of sunshine tickling your skin. We want to celebrate that: That's why the engraving is free in the FLSK Online Shop until June 11, 2021. 

Finally out again.

Desperately, we moved the summer dresses and light jackets in our wardrobe from left to right, and then, of necessity, decided to wear the thick pullover again. Many layers instead of floral prints, sweatpants instead of jeans. Because, just between us - does anyone here really still have the ambition to wear a fine blouse for home office? Never has the longing for fresh air, bright light and bright colours been so great as it is now. It's time for warm sunshine, walks with fresh (and not freezing cold!) air, window shopping with ice cream and cappuccino. 

Win your finally-out-again box.

We equip you for the perfect summer. Together with 6 partners we have put together a great box with everything you will need this summer:
- a FLSK 500ml in the color FRST 
- Kubik Medium Backpack in Chalk Beige by pinqponq
- Body & Face Sunscreen & Aftersun by V.SUN
- 2 bottles of wine from BREE
- a hammock from HÄNG Outdoors
- a grill with cookbook from Knister Grill
- and a pair of sunglasses from NEUBAU EYEWEAR

To enter the giveaway, show us what you love to do when it gets warmer outside. 

We would also be happy if you additionally share your photo with the hashtag #DeinSommermitFLSK on Instagram and tag us (@flsk.original).
PS: This also increases your chances of winning!

Our Spring Bucket List.

We have collected a few ideas on how you can celebrate the start of the outdoor season. Why don't you plan something nice for the next weekend?