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FLSK bottle

MDNGHT 750 ml



Available, delivery time 5 - 6 days

Engraving (optional) + € 6.00

FLSK engraving


The MDNGHT 750 ml
water bottle is perfect ...
  • if you are looking for a steadfast companion
  • for undercover kings and queens
  • because you are proud of your style
  • to upgrade your dinghy to a yacht in no time
  • because you don’t want to look like everybody else

FLSKs are available in a lot of great colors - but the MDNGHT 750 ml is by far the most royal. It radiates self-confidence and strength. There is a reason why many first and business class seats have this particular shade. The puristic design of this medium sized drinking bottle compliments the color perfectly. That’s why this FLSK fits ideally into a tasteful decorated home and performs well at elegant sports such as sailing or golf.

Both the stylish appearance and the inner qualities of this FLSK will ennoble your everyday life. The plastic bottle population will peer jealously as you enjoy your drink at the perfect temperature. Breaking and leaking are unknown words for the MDNGHT because it is a proud and robust bottle, nothing able to bend it out of shape. You can count on it. And that is why it feels great to be with your FLSK.

FLSK bottle MDNGHT 750 ml ...
color: MDNGHT
diameter FLSK: 8,0 cm
drink opening: 3,4 cm
height with lid: 28,6 cm
height without lid: 28,0 cm
material: stainless steel
size: 750 ml
weight: 420 g

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What our customers say

Kevin H.

Ich habe die MDNGHT in der 750 ml vor einem Jahr geschenkt bekommen und bin absolut glücklich mit dieser Trinkflasche. Sie sieht absolut edel aus, ist klasse verarbeitet und begleitet mich auf meinen Fototouren durch die Natur. Bei Minusgraden hält sie auch nach Stunden die Temperatur und ich kann mich mit einem heißen Tee aufwärmen. TOP! (die zweite in der 500 ml Variante ist bereits bestellt)

What our customers say:
from Birgit at 21.04.2020

Absolutely harmless to health.

The FLSK is free of BPA and harmful substances - this was very important to me when choosing my drinking bottle. Apart from that, I really like the elegant design and the high-quality workmanship of the bottle. I particularly like the White Marble.

from Hannes at 07.04.2020

The right size for every occasion.

Just top! I am a big fan and have several sizes. No matter where - in sports, while travelling or when I'm on the road on business - I always have an FLSK with me.

from Patrick at 07.04.2020

Simply perfect!

I am really enthusiastic about my FLSK. It delivers what it promises, and my drink stays hot for 18 hours and ice-cold for 24 hours. Awesome!

from Isabel at 18.04.2020

The perfect gift.

I not only think my FLSK is great in itself, it is also great that you can have it engraved. So I always have a nice gift idea up my sleeve!

from Svenja at 01.04.2020

Hot or cold drinks all day long.

My FLSK Roségold is a real eye-catcher! The design and colour make me happy every day anew. What is also very important to me, of course, is the function, and that is unbeatable. My drinks stay both long ice-cold and hot.

from Edgar at 06.04.2020

Always fresh water for me!

Since we always have a FLSK with fresh water for me when we go for a walk, the trips to the English Garden are even more fun!