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Frequently Asked Questions.

Questions about the FLSK.

Inspired by the Scandinavian design style, the FLSK team has designed a minimalist, purist drinking bottle. FLSK is pronounced "flask" ( flɑːsk ) and is the English word for "bottle".

The really special thing about the FLSK is its insulating performance. It keeps your drink ice cold for 24 hours and nice and hot for 18 hours. So if you go out in the morning on a warm summer day, you don't have to worry at all about your drink getting warm and then not tasting good anymore. Same thing in winter: If you have a hot drink with you, you can warm yourself up all day long. 
No matter where you buy the FLSK - you will always get it in a high-quality tubebox packaging. It protects against scratches and looks so good that you can give the FLSK away as is.  
The FLSK is the revolution of the conventional drinking bottle - simple on the outside, but ultra functional on the inside. It is made of pure stainless steel, so it is completely rust-free, odourless and tasteless.  
For you this means: You can fill anything you like. No matter if tea, sparkling mineral water, maybe a beer or even your favorite spritzer or champagne.
The FLSK drinking bottle is available in nine colours and four sizes. If you are not yet sure which FLSK you like best, you can see it live in one of the more than 800 stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 
FLSK 350 mlFLSK 500 mlFLSK 750 mlFLSK 1000 ml
FLSK 350 mlFLSK 500 mlFLSK 750 mlFLSK 1000 ml
Bottle opening diameter 3,2 cm 3,2 cm 3,6 cm 3,6 cm
weight incl. lid 265 g 315 g 410 g 510 g
height incl. lid 20,9 cm 25,2 cm 28,5 cm 32,1 cm
height without lid 20,4 cm 24,7 cm 28,0 cm 31,4 cm
diameter 7,1 cm 7,1 cm 8,0 cm 8,9 cm

It is better not to clean the FLSK in the dishwasher. Due to its conical shape, hardly any water gets into the bottle, and the color coating can be damaged. 

Daily cleaning of the FLSK is still very easy. In contrast to conventional thermo bottles it does not contain any glass inside that could break and is therefore much more robust. The FLSK stainless steel drinking bottle can be easily rinsed with boiling hot water and a little washing-up liquid. It is important to clean it regularly, so that substances such as teaine or caffeine do not settle at all. In the case of settled sediments, our cleaning balls or a standard denture cleaner from the drugstore will help. 

Here you can find detailed information on cleaning your FLSK drinking bottle.

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We are sorry if your favorite FLSK is sold out in our online shop - your favorite is very much in demand, you must have a very good taste! Of course we will try to replenish as soon as possible and offer the full selection in our shop. In the product description in the online shop you will find the exact date when your favorite will be available again. And of course we will announce this in our newsletter.

Sustainability and ecological harmlessness play an increasingly important role in the product world today. The FLSK as an innovative drinking bottle is therefore made of 100 % type 304 stainless steel, completely BPA-free and contains no plasticizers. As a pollutant-free drinking bottle, it is a healthy alternative to conventional plastic bottles. In addition to high product quality, we at FLSK also pay close attention to non-profit making and a fair production chain. 

VICC® stands for Vacuum Insulated Copper Coating. The FLSK drinking bottle combines unique design with high functionality. It is made of stainless steel and maintains the temperature longer than other insulated bottles thanks to VICC® technology. Between the double-walled stainless steel there is a vacuum layer, additionally a copper coating guarantees that the temperature is maintained. Due to the narrow opening and the double insulated lid, the FLSK water bottle is 100% leak-proof. Learn more about the new technology of the FLSK stainless steel drinking bottle here!

The FLSK drinking bottle is also very suitable for children. The small size with 350 ml capacity is very light and small and therefore suitable for children's hands. When preparing baby food, hot, boiled water can be poured into the FLSK stainless steel drinking bottle, so that baby milk can always be prepared on the go. It is therefore ideal in its function as a baby vacuum flask. For small children, fruit spritzer or juice can be transported in the FLSK drinking bottle for kindergarten. The FLSK drinking bottle also becomes a companion at school. Older children can also take a larger bottle with them - after all, a balanced drinking pattern is more than important for the development of the little ones!

Yes, in the FLSK Online Shop you can give your FLSK a very individual touch with a personal engraving. All information about engraving at a glance can be found here.

Questions about the muki.

Congratulations, you have made an excellent choice and with the muki you have chosen a snack pot that will accompany you daily.  

We've prepared detailed instructions and lots of tips for you to enjoy your perfect muki moment every time.

The best way to clean your muki snack pot is to use lukewarm water, a dishwashing sponge and some dishwashing liquid. A little caution is advised with color-intensive food like berries etc.: The TriZone ThermoGuard should first be rinsed with cold water to prevent discoloration. Both sealing rings and the pressure valve can be removed and cleaned separately.

To prevent odours or discolouration, you should clean and dry your muki after each use. We do not recommend putting the muki in the dishwasher as this may damage the powder coating.

weight295 g
height 15 cm
top diameter9,5 cm
bottom diameter 6,5 cm
capacity pot 300 ml
capacity top 250 ml

The muki snack pot can be personalized in the online shop with a laser engraving. This is especially helpful when every family member has their own muki, so nothing gets mixed up in the kitchen. An engraved muki is also a very special, personal gift.

Questions about additionals.

There is currently no neoprene bag available for the FLSK 350 ml. But the small FLSK also fits perfectly into the FLSK neoprene bag 500 ml, where it is completely protected from scratches and shocks.

In every new FLSK drinking bottle there is a spare sealing ring for replacement. If you need a new sealing ring, please send an e-mail to

Questions about offers.

The FLSK drinking bottles in the sizes 500 ml, 750 ml and 1000 ml can be ordered as a package with a matching neoprene bag and the cleaning beads. You save 9,50 € compared to the single purchase. 
This is not possible with the FLSK drinking bottles in the 350 ml size, because there is no neoprene bag in this size (yet). 

Questions about your order.

You can redeem your voucher code in the shopping cart or in the order process. Simply enter your code in the field "Voucher code" and then click on the checkbox to the right. The discount will then be displayed in the overview and the total amount will be updated. Please understand that discount codes will not be credited after the order has been placed and cannot be combined.

We understand very well that after placing your order in our online shop you can hardly wait for the arrival of your eagerly desired package to arrive. Therefore, you will receive a link to the DHL tracking system by e-mail after we have handed over your package to DHL for delivery. With this link you can track your package and find out where it is at the moment and when it is expected to arrive. If you haven't received this link yet, we are most likely processing your order in our logistics center right now.
Please note: if you have selected 'Prepayment' as your payment method, we will not process your order until we receive your payment.

FAQs for the return.

Are you dissatisfied with your order? We're sorry about that. You have the right to cancel your order within fourteen days without giving any reason. The day on which your package was delivered to you or a third party is decisive for this. Please note that goods can only be returned if they are unused and unengraved.

As soon as we receive your return, you will of course get your money back.
We are constantly working on improving our service and are looking forward to hearing from you what went wrong and what the exact reason for your cancellation is. We are already looking forward to welcoming you back in our online shop soon!