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As individual as you are.

Refine your FLSK products with an engraving.

You are not just anyone, so you do not give away just anything.

A gift is a token of your appreciation and attention. It is to show your loved ones how important they are to you. You want them to be happy.

Give your favorite people a high-quality FLSK water bottle or a muki snack pot. With an engraving it becomes an original favorite piece that inspires.

Birthdays, anniversaries or just because: The long search for the right gift for your loved ones is now over, because with a personalized FLSK water bottle or an engraved muki snack pot you can't go wrong.

Engrave now.

The perfect gift.

Whether for the whole "Family Miller" or especially for "Stefanie", "For my sweetheart" or just to say "Thank you": We engrave your personal message on the FLSK or the muki of your choice, no matter what you want to tell your favorite person.

It's that easy:

  1. Simply select the FLSK, the muki or one of the bundle offers that you would like to engrave in the online shop.
  2. Enter the engraving in the text box. The text is placed at the bottom, at the same height as the logo.
  3. On the preview image you can see what the finished product will look like. Just try what you like best. When you have decided, you put your personalized product in the shopping cart and carry out the normal ordering process.

According to your wishes.

You choose the text for the laser engraving. This may be a name, a special date, such as an anniversary or wedding anniversary, or an inside joke that only you and your best friend understand.

You have space for 18 characters. You can also choose between two different fonts: Avenir is the ideal typeface for purists. Those who like it a bit more playful will be delighted with the fine flourishes of the Photograph Signature.

So you can easily and quickly customize a high-quality gift.

Perfect for every occasion.

  • For wedding anniversaries, birthdays, favorite days and other holidays.
  • As a Christmas gift, souvenir, thank you or love attention in between.
  • For everything that is celebrated.

Perfect for your loved ones.

  • For mothers who are always there.
  • For fathers who always like to help.
  • For best friends who always listen.
  • For groomsmen who have everything under control.
  • For all who deserve it.

A little tip for the advanced: Real experts serve their favorite drink in a personalized bottle on their birthday or anniversary in the morning.

The perfect companion– a very personal gift.

You find conventional money gifts and coupons too uncreative and too boring? If you love personalized gifts, then our engraved FLSK products is the perfect solution for you.

A thermo bottle that does what it promises and looks great– this is the FLSK drinking bottle.

The high-quality vacuum bottle reliably keeps drinks hot for 18 hours and ice-cold for up to 24 hours. With a FLSK bottle you make your loved ones a really beautiful, individual gift that is much better than any money gift. The combination of excellent workmanship and excellent material ensures that the bottle is significantly more robust than conventional glass bottles. With a personalized bottle by FLSK you make an important contribution to the reduction of plastic waste and set a sign for man and nature.

In contrast to many other bottles for carbonated drinks, the FLSK looks great as well. Their puristic design inspires quality-conscious women and style-conscious men, because the FLSK always makes a great figure. As a statement on the desk, on the way in your handbag or at home as tableware - the FLSK definitely belongs to the category of individual gifts that you do not want to exchange again, but just want to always have it with you. If your own name is engraved then it will be much easier for your loved ones to drink enough and stay healthy.

Especially in the Advent season gift ideas for beautiful Christmas gifts are in great demand. The FLSK drinking bottle can be easily made to your liking - so everyone gets exactly the gift that suits him and he likes, and impersonal gifts of money are finally a thing of the past.

The little ones are also happy about the FLSK drinking bottle: The FLSK is the ideal drinking bottle for school and therefore a great birthday gift for schoolchildren. The small FLSK with a capacity of 350 ml can be found in each satchel, and with the FLSK 1000 ml, your child is still well supplied with fluid during the afternoon's sports. If the thirst is even greater, the FLSK can easily be refilled with fresh water at the sink. Thanks to the name engraving, the high-quality stainless steel drinking bottle in the classroom is not lost, even when a lot is going on.