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Neoprene Sleeve 500 ml



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Available, delivery time 5 - 6 days

FLSK’s neoprene sleeve ist he perfect add-on for your FLSK bottle. Like a second skin, the sleeve encompasses the bottle while harmonizing with the typical FLSK design. The FLSK neoprene sleeve can also upgrade bottles by other brands. The PVC-free material is durable, especially light-weight and washer-safe.
  1. The neoprene sleeve protects your bottle from scratches and beatings. FLSK bottles are quite robust, even falls from tables won’t diminish their use. It can happen however, that the coating might take a small hit, especially when other objects rub up against it in a bag. This practical neoprene sleeve is the right choice when a perfect FLSK-ppearance is important to you.
  2. Additionally, FLSK’s neoprene sleeve will help you to transport FLSK, due to the practical metal hook on the side, which enables you to fasten your bottle onto the side of a bag or rucksack using a snap hook. With this system, your FLSK will be easy to reach and you can take a sip of ice-cold whenever you want. The neoprene sleeve is also practical for joggers, who can hold onto the anti-skidding material with ease, even after an hour of sweaty workout. This bottle bag is truly the epitome of practicality for everyone who uses FLSK during sport or outdoors in nature.
  3. The neoprene sleeve also helps to keep your drinks cold or hot for another 2 hours. If you don’t have a FLSK drinking bottle yet and want to use it with other bottles, this will help with your endeavor. If you want the true experience, we recommend buying a FLSK drinking bottle so that you have the real pleasure of hot and cold drinks for 18 and 24 hours respectively.
FLSK Neoprene Sleeve ...
height: 3,5 cm
length: 23 cm
material: neoprene
weight: 69 g
width: 13,5 cm

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What our customers say

What our customers say:
from Birgit at 21.04.2020

Absolutely harmless to health.

The FLSK is free of BPA and harmful substances - this was very important to me when choosing my drinking bottle. Apart from that, I really like the elegant design and the high-quality workmanship of the bottle. I particularly like the White Marble.

from Hannes at 07.04.2020

The right size for every occasion.

Just top! I am a big fan and have several sizes. No matter where - in sports, while travelling or when I'm on the road on business - I always have an FLSK with me.

from Patrick at 07.04.2020

Simply perfect!

I am really enthusiastic about my FLSK. It delivers what it promises, and my drink stays hot for 18 hours and ice-cold for 24 hours. Awesome!

from Isabel at 18.04.2020

The perfect gift.

I not only think my FLSK is great in itself, it is also great that you can have it engraved. So I always have a nice gift idea up my sleeve!

from Svenja at 01.04.2020

Hot or cold drinks all day long.

My FLSK Roségold is a real eye-catcher! The design and colour make me happy every day anew. What is also very important to me, of course, is the function, and that is unbeatable. My drinks stay both long ice-cold and hot.

from Edgar at 06.04.2020

Always fresh water for me!

Since we always have a FLSK with fresh water for me when we go for a walk, the trips to the English Garden are even more fun!