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Unique - like your company.

Another T-Shirt with your company logo? Or a branded pen? If conventional company presents do not meet your requirements, we have something for you: Our FLSK products with high-quality laser engraving. Sensational, practical and sustainable. Discover your advantages: 

Your corporate statement with FLSK.

The FLSK drinking bottle with your company logo is not only a special eye-catcher, but is absolutely reliable in daily use. With an engraved FLSK bottle, you will thank your employees* and customers in a special way. Set an example for good taste, highest quality and sustainability.

Innovation with your logo.

As a powerbank to go, the muki snack pot provides the perfect snack. Refined with your company logo, the everyday hero, which has won several awards for innovation and design, becomes a special everyday-life accessory. Gift your customers and employees with power and motivation for every day.

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Laser graviert FLSK Trinkflasche mit BORA Logo
Laser graviert FLSK Trinkflasche mit BORA Logo

Highly precise and indestructible.

We customize our FLSK products exclusively with high quality laser engraving. Our modern lasers engrave with the highest precision and speed. The result is exceptional and permanently stunning. Unlike traditional customization options, laser engraving is considered environmentally friendly because no varnishes or paints are used and its result heroically resists scratches and abrasion. 

Together for the best result.

If you have high demands, you won't be satisfied with mediocre solutions. We give you honest advice and take care of every step until you have your individual FLSK product in your hands - from flawless finishing to on-time logistics.

If you expect more, you get FLSK.

We love working with strong companies. We are passionate about individual solutions and perfection. Starting at a quantity of 2500 pieces, we offer our FLSK products in your company colour. 

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