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Happy Birthday to us.

FLSK turns 5 – celebrate with us!

Happy ½ decade.

Party? Did someone just say "party"? Absolutely! FLSK celebrates its birthday.

It started with a crazy idea on a terrace. And now here we are, five years later: excited, incredulous, beaming with joy and grateful. Living proof that much more is possible if you just do it.

Do we have reason to celebrate? Absolutely:

  • We have failed and triumphed.
  • We took a diversion and yet we arrived.
  • And we had lots of memorable moments together with you.

So let's have champagne for breakfast, cupcakes before dinner and lots of glitter bombs! Let's celebrate.

Top 5 FLSK Facts

Over the past 5 years FLSK has...

 1. drank over 5,586 litres of coffee.

Without coffee, without us. Nothing revives our tired minds as quickly as a hot coffee. It is healthy, it makes us strong, it gives us momentum, it is popular with old and young. Long live the... coffee.

2. walked our office dogs around 240 hours.

Four paws are known to provide more fun and less stress at work. Our dearest team colleagues Edgar and Maja get us moving every day. A whole 240 hours since the first four-legged friend joined the team.

3. added 4 kg salt to our lunch.

The food that we are being lovingly served by Marzia every day is superb - we all agree on that. However, the perfect amount of salt is debatable. So our salt mill is always being passed around and leaves behind a snowy landscape on many plates.

4. managed a full 5 moves.

It's amazing how quickly we have grown out of our four (online shop) walls several times in the last few years. For this reason we have already moved twice to a larger office and this year for the third time to another shop system.

5. spent countless hours celebrating our success.

Whether after-work BBQs, Christmas parties, farewell parties, pre-celebrations, post-celebrations, launch parties, celebration parties or simply enjoying the one or other after-work beer - celebrating is in our blood. And so, for the past 5 years, we have been seizing every opportunity to celebrate our team, our products, successful campaigns, product launches or simply ourselves.

Top 5 FLSK Stories

A lot has happened at FLSK since our foundation in 2015. Read here 5 memorable moments from 5 years...

1. Our almost water damage.

“When I was about to switch off the coffee machine after a long day at work, I noticed a splash under my feet. Apparently a pipe had come loose in our new kitchen. Fortunately I was able to quickly close the main line and prevent worse! Our wooden floor had to be replaced, but if the water had been running all night, there would have been a huge water damage that our insurance wouldn’t have covered. – Thomas

2. Exhibition setup.

“At an important trade fair in 2018, we have thought big: A self-designed exhibition booth. For this we drove up with a more or less professional wallpapering equipment and laboriously assembled a – as we found – uniquely beautiful stand in a night shift. Unfortunately, this was not quite to the taste of the organizer, who, in our absence, replaced the work without further ado with a purple-colored stand. A story that moved us and many other exhibitors very much. – Hanni

3. Champagne cork effect.

“2020 - The year in which our perfectionism has made our sealing rings really, really tight through our constant drive for improvement. Individual bottles with the super-tight sealing ring then behaved like champagne bottles under strong pressure from carbon dioxide. We thus spoke of the “champagne cork effect”, the customers of a somewhat stronger pressure in the FLSK and the press of exploding bottles. We understood: more is not necessarily always better, we diligently produced new rings, had the customers retrofit them and after this mishap, we allowed ourselves a glas of champagne”. – Patrick

4. Detusche Standarts.

“Our first shipment had a ‘Murphys Law’ error in tens of thousands of bottles. Especially the high quality we wanted to emphasize had a double spelling mistake – see above ;)“. – Quentin

5. Product launch on the dance floor.

"In the past, we often had to manually turn on the campaigns in the online shop at midnight. Once after attending a concert we found ourselves in a club on the dance floor. That's where we set the launch of the FLSK MDNGHT – via smartphone browser. The result was actually quite good for the circumstances..." – Amelie