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FLSK moves sustainably.

With the FLSK Movement we show what holistic sustainability means to us. 


»Sustainability is constant movement.«

"Sustainability" - today an inflationary used term. A word that has so many meanings and for this reason is degenerating into an empty phrase. Uncertainty and discussions with the aim to be "right" are the consequences. But what is it all about in essence? No less than our livelihood. The home of billions of people and animals. Our responsibility is to protect this habitat. It's a matter of internalizing this as a self-evident attitude. And to carry it outwards through visible change. Since our foundation in 2015, we have been passionately discussing what "sustainability" means for FLSK. Our result: The FLSK Movement. For us, this is the constant movement towards the ecological and social best possible. The path to this goal is anything than straight, but is characterized by an open exchange of opinions and critical self-reflection. Free. Authentic. With conviction. These are our signposts. We invite you to accompany us on this journey.

Quentin (CEO) and the entire FLSK team

FLSK moves YOU: Simply live more sustainable.

With our products, we make it easier for you to integrate sustainability into your life. Because for us the following applies: One way is no way. Our FLSK drinking bottle and the muki snackpot are the reusable alternatives to plastic products. Our high-quality stainless steel guarantees you years of pleasure - quality that lasts. Completely BPA-free, without any harmful substances. We show how you can move even more.

FLSK moves ITSELF: On the way to better.

Anyone who talks about sustainability has to mean it seriously. For us this involves staying in motion and questioning the status quo. We realize that we are not perfect. That's why we are on the way to better - responsibly, socially, ecologically. From fair production in China, over environmentally friendly transport to Munich, up to ecological packaging. And the goal of becoming climate neutral. Come along on our journey.

FLSK moves MORE: Becoming an enabler.

As a start-up we have begun small ourselves a few years ago. What mattered were people who believed in us. With the FLSK Future Fund, we become enablers ourselves. With one percent of our annual turnover, we support people who are committed to the environment and society. This is how big ideas are transformed into impressive projects that move even more. Accompany us on this path.

You still have questions?

Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQs. In our Movement Magazine we keep you up to date with detailed articles on all sustainability topics. You can also contact us at any time via We are always happy to receive new impulses that show us how we can become even better. Or (digital) flowers for what we have already achieved.